Media architecture has evolved to become the fabric on which today’s cities operate, sometimes tangible, at other times invisible. But technology can only be successful if it works for the city’s places and its people.

This compendium offers an accessible guide, drawing on academic research and global studies to illustrate key concepts and provide workable methods, alongside examples of successful installations.

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Delves into emerging ideas in a rapidly evolving field, from the impact of technology on public spaces to imaginative scenarios for future cities, presenting the insights and perspectives of leading scholars.


Is a valuable resource of innovative and impactful approaches in the field with practical steps for those seeking to implement them.

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Is dedicated to documenting and showcasing original and thought-provoking work and presents the 2018 and 2020 Media Architecture Award nominees.

Methods toolkit

The experience of the authors and contributors in their own practice informs the methods. Each one is presented in detail, including its purpose, when and where it is best applied and how it can be used for media architecture. The practical steps make it easy to put these concepts into practice.

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Delve Deeper

Follow the development of media architecture as an interdisciplinary practice integrating UX, software, illumination, and architectural design, art practice, and urban planning in both volumes of the compendium: Volume 2, Concepts, Methods, Practice, and its predecessor, Volume 1, Digital Placemaking.

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